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G4 FUNNIES is a dedicated webserver engineered for the classification of proteins as G-Quadruplex-RNA binders. The genesis of this algorithm is rooted in the training process, where it learned to differentiate between nuclear proteins that associate with folded G4 and those that bind to unfolded G4. The distinguishing environmental conditions, rich in Potassium (K+) and Lithium (Li+), facilitated the distinct structuring and unstructuring of G4, respectively.

The acronym G4 FUNNIES encapsulates the core components and objectives of the tool:

F: Folded - Representing the state of G4 RNA in a Potassium-rich environment.
UN: UNfolded - Denoting the state of G4 RNA in a Lithium-rich setting.
N: Nuclear - Signifying the nuclear proteins the tool was trained on
I: Interactome - Highlighting the focus on interactions between proteins and G4 RNA.
E: Explorer - Indicating the tool's exploratory nature in identifying and classifying these interactions.
S System - Stressing the organized and systematic method of classification.

By analyzing the binding of proteins in these contrasting environments, G4 FUNNIES not only identifies but also classifies G-Quadruplex-RNA binders with precision.


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K and Li like proteins - G4 binding predictions in presence of K+ and Li+