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CROSS (computational recognition of secondary structure) predicts the secondary structure propensity profile of an RNA molecule at single-nucleotide resolution. CROSS produces a table with the propensity scores and a graphical representation of the profile.


Submission reference: 838604

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RNA Sequences (FASTA format, please ensure that your sequences only contain A, C, G, T, and U. Do not use !@#$% etc.; the minimum required sequence length is 25 nucleotides.)

This module accepts text in fasta format. There is another version available that allows submission via file upload.

Models from genome-wide experiments (see the Documentation for the details)

icSHAPE-Mouse (Spitale et al., 2015)
PARS-Human (Wan et al., 2014)
NMR/X-ray (Andronescu et al., 2008)
PARS-Yeast (Kertesz et al., 2010)
SHAPE-HIV (Watts et al., 2009)

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Xist - The complete profile of murine Xist (17'918 nucleotides)