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catRAPID omics v2.0

catRAPID omics v2.0 is a freely accessible web server for the prediction of protein-RNA interaction propensities in a number of model organisms. Three options are available:

catRAPID omics v2.1 [protein(s) VS transcriptome]
Interaction prediction module between protein(s) and the precompiled transcriptome of a model organism

catRAPID omics v2.1 [transcript(s) VS RNA-binding proteome]
Interaction prediction module between transcript(s) and the precompiled RNA-binding proteome of a model organism

catRAPID omics v2.1 [custom protein set VS custom transcript set]
Interaction prediction module between a custom protein set and a custom transcript set.

Please, have a look at the documentation and at the tutorial before starting using catRAPID omics version v2.0.